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Originally Posted by bighungry618 View Post
I agree, to a certain extent.

Update: Just picked up my car from service yesterday and it drives much better it terms of lag and acceleration smoothness and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Here are the issues that bother me though, As said before, from the time I got the car until now, I thought the acceleration and shifting characteristics were normal. It turns out during service that the Mass Airflow Sensor had permanently failed. It has been replaced and while there picking up the car I was told by my SA that the car was “reprogrammed” as well. But I could find no reference to reprogramming on the service invoice.

Either way; the acceleration lag is gone, the car drives like the loaner did, and I’m left with even more questions. Since I got the car (5 miles on it), it has always driven the same, in other words I can’t remember a time before this service visit where I noticed a change in its drivability.

Is it possible that the sensor was bad from the very beginning… in a brand new car?
Is it possible that the car was actually reprogrammed during service? (it did take a few days to get it back)
Is it possible that the Airflow sensor was indeed responsible for the lag?
Is it possible that this is my imagination?

I have attached the service invoice so that all may see exactly what (they told me) was done.
Yes, I'm afraid that there are lots of people think that their cars are fine. Well, I guess if there's no comparison, it's hard to know what we're missing.

Regarding your questions, I'm puzzled too. It doesn't make much sense that you are able to drive with a bad airflow sensor since day 1. I'd imagine the engine would either run rough or that your gas mileage would be bad. But again, I'm sure they do not fix things that ain't broke either.

Well, keep driving it for a few weeks and see if the lag returns.
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