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2012 328i Modern line trim replacement

Hi all,

A dealer has an f30 launch car, glacier silver modern line for sale. This is one of the first builds since it still has the front bumper wart. The MSRP is 49,370 and they marked it down to $41,992. The story goes that the guy traded it back after 350 miles because the wife hated the car. Poor guy took like an $8k hit not including taxes and fees. Frankly, I don't blame the guy's wife since that faux wood trim is very fugly.

Two questions:

Is there any way the dealer can lease this car out kinda like a demo ?? Perhaps say it was a service loaner. If not, I feel like I can get them to shave atleast a couple grand more off the car.

The more important issue is interior trim. Any thoughts or suggestions on where to get replacements? The only option i've found so far is the M-performance alcantara/ carbon fiber. This would eliminate some of the hideous but not sure it really matches.
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