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KP49: What size (dimensions) of USB stick are you using and does the glove box close with it always left in?
Can you still store stuff in the glove box without items knocking the USB stick around and possibly it or damaging the car plug?
Does the radio have to scan/index the files on the USB drive every time you turn on the car (I'm reading it can take 10 minutes for 8GB of mp3's but they don't say if it's only when you change sticks or every car start)

For the Iphone, Apple keeps their music in cryptic folders and paths so the only way you can play from the iPhone is connect the USB plug (The car uses this to send "next song, previous song, fast forward, rewind, or play song XYZ" and to send cover art but the iPhone will not send audio over USB, it has to go through the headphone jack (Y) connector.

For Android, you might be able to have it play music from the phone (No coverart, just ID3 tag info) by selecting on your Android to turn it into "USB Mass Storage Device" once the device is connected via USB. This mode makes an android phone look like a USB stick.

Some other notes, the Car radio says it won't play DRM for other copy protected format MP3's.

Some other models of BMW let you select to play music audio via Bluetooth. I don't know if the X1 can do this, it appears BMW X1 can send phone calls over Bluetooth but it's a separate feature to do regular audio that I saw an F chasis M[35]? iDrive video where they go in and turn on not just phone audio but also music audio in iDrive.

IMO playing from a phone just appears cumbersome, which is why I'm interested in just buying a $30 32GB usb stick and leaving it plugged in the glovebox all the time, except for when I take it in to change songs or playlists.

Oh, one last note, you can use M3U playlists according to manuals I've read. You just have to put the m3u in the root path listing for where the actual mp3 files are located.

I'd be interested in seeing videos of how ?easy? it is to use the radio to play mp3's on a usb stick, browse for artists, albums, or individual songs and how well m3u playlists work. There isn't a video of this anywhere I can find showing interaction with a usb stick on the bmw professional model radio.

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