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Originally Posted by jeme View Post

I offered the dealer $54,000 and they thought I was $3000 too low! Any thoughts, comments or coaching here for me? Thank in advance.
Well of course they would say that.

A few comments.... first, the reality is that you cannot make "the deal" at every dealership. To get the best deal you must be willing (able) to try several.

Having said that, IMO you need to establish control over the process. Part of this is to prove to them that you have firm knowledge of the pricing. You do this not by tossing out offers- you do this by saying "I am offering $500 over your invoice, with me keeping all incentives- so this will be $54,126" (or whatever the number is.) But list ever item with ever invoice price, subtract the incentives, etc, etc.

And be prepared to walk.

My negotiation for my 20102 was two phone calls, with the discussion basically "I'm thinking 500 profit"..."we need 2000".." I dont want to waste your time, we are clearly too far apart. I'd consider 1k, but it sounds like that wont work" Hold on a minute...yes, we can do that.. the key is by not discussing the invoice, and focussing on the profit, it told him that the only number he could play with was the profit.

If a sales rep will not engage you in this way- if they are talking monthly payments and being evasive with terms- you know they are playing you.

Finally try to ask them as little as possible- information is power, and when you project the image of not needing to ask them anthing you are saying "I know everything". This is incentives, MFs, fees, etc, etc. You can say "I know the MF is ___, and with 7MSDs it will be ___, need you to confirm that is what you'll offer". As opposed to "I read on a forum the MF is ___, can you do that?"


Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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