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Originally Posted by isitkittu View Post
I own 99 323I, it has 150k on it, I just love driving it. Last Friday morning, I saw the coolant indicator but drove it work with a plan to have the coolant filled near work (40 miles from home). One the way back home the coolant indicator disappeared, so I thought the indicator popped in the morning coz I took out the car after a week or so that too in the cold temp. So kept driving, the indicator popped on and off, suddenly saw the heat indicator on the extreme red, slowed down but kept driving (ignorance and stupidity) the indicator still on the right but not bright red. I may have driven for 5 miles with the heat indicator at its peak and finally car stopped. Got the car towed it to workshop, coolant tank cracked and they did compression and leak-down test. the results from leak down test are 1-10%, 2-15%, 3-18%, 4-25%, 5-15% and 6-5%. Do these results show that engine is no more good shape. Mechanic is suggesting to go for a different engine (lot of money though). based on what I read in forums leak downs around 20 are still Ok. but not sure, I am thinking of getting the coolant done and see what happens. What do you experts suggest.

Thanks in Advance
My logical advice is to have the expansion tank replaced, which parts and all should be around $100, and go from there. If after doing that everything seems to be fine, consider yourself VERY lucky. But if the engine was damaged from overheating, you're going to be looking at some major money -- more than likely another car -- so the $100 spent on the expansion tank repair will be just a drop in the bucket. Its a low gamble considering the stakes.

In all honesty, I'd say your engine is toast. Typically an engine can handle running in the red for about a minute before damage starts. But several minutes and several miles is another story. Even still, I would replace the tank and see what happens. The sun shines on a duck's ass every now and then.

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