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Originally Posted by Josh429er View Post
@snowsled, I believe you. It probably is a misprint, I didn't mean nimble for a car, I ment nimble for a 3500+ lb car lol. Nimble is probably still the wrong word. And yeah i knew the weigh balance was 50/50 or very close to it. I just am a little Suprised because I think my little lesser than stock 535 is quick. But on paper It's slow. Maybe I just get into something fast Idk. In my mind 3600 pounds pushed by 211 HP shouldn't feel that quick.
I dunno 0-60 in 7 seconds isn't too bad for a sedan, nor is the 149 mph top speed. If you press it, these are reasonably fast cars with the big six or the V8's and manual transmissions. Fast is relative but, to me, once you get into the low 5's 0-60 and low 13's in the QM, that is starting to get fast. I've had a stock looking street car that ran high 11's. It needed 275 section drag radials on the back to get any traction, fun but rediculous

Now if I could get and E38 with a manual, that is what I would be driving. There just aren't many larger sedans with manuals. I might have done an E32 as well but I found this nice 535 first. Fun and fast enough is how I look at it. When my car can comfortably maintain 20 over on the mtn roads, I figure any more power is kind of gratuitous.

My 15 yr old son is getting lessons in the 535. It scares him, he thinks its too fast
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