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Update: After looking at several different kits and such on different sites, had it narrowed down to the Turner Kit with OEM (Centric standard) rotors, StopTech Street performance pads, front and rear sensors, and stainless steel lines added as an option. A good deal, except for the high shipping charges. Also included an extra liter (for total of 2) of brake fluid, since a brake fluid flush is due in December. Added a $6 wheel pin tool for mounting wheels since I griped about not having one last time I pulled a wheel. Total ended up being around $748 shipped, $71 of that being shipping charges.

EAS has a Stoptech Kit with better rotors (Stoptech performance slotted, which are a $66 upgrade in the Turner kit. Turner uses Centric/StopTech rotors), the lines, pads, sensors. $765 shipped, without the 2 liters of fluid or wheel tool.

Then decided to see if I could put the parts together cheaper myself on Amazon. Went to the Stoptech and the Centric sites (since I don't always trust Amazon on fitment) for part numbers, and using that info was able to find the Stoptech pads (front), Centric performance high-carbon rotors (a step up from the OEM ones they make), and sensors. All sold and stocked by Amazon, $414, free shipping (Super Saver, not in a hurry for this stuff).

Still needed rear pads, stainless steel lines, and fluid (and my wheel hanger). Went back to Turner, and got that stuff there for $241 (shipping was only $11).

Bottom line, on the way are: Stoptech Street Performance pads, front and rear sensors, Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Centric High Carbon rotors, 2 liters of ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid, and the Wheel Pin Tool, for a grand total of $655.

My indy charges about 1.5 hours per axle, so I will be able to do front and rear for about $955. Dealer quoted me $822 to do just the fronts, no performance upgrade parts or stainless steel brake line upgrade.

Pleased that I managed to get the StopTech pads and the better rotors for less $$. Could have done OEM rotors and something like the Axxis Metal master pads for even less.

Part numbers for the Stoptech/Centric bits:
Brake Discs High Carbon Rotor Front 125.34093 2
Brake Discs High Carbon Rotor Rear 125.34080 2

Brake Pad Electronic Wear Sensors Fr 2/07:RWD Front 116.34046 1
Brake Pad Electronic Wear Sensors Rear 116.34034 1

StopTech Street Performance Pad FR Part #: 309.09180
StopTech Street Performance Pad R Part #: 309.11700

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