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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
C'mon, of course they do. If the rolling diameter is different they would use a different sensor. I suggest you go to the E90 forum, that's where I usually post. The speedo error question has been discussed for years and it's totally normal for BMW.
Same sensor, different calibration.

Like I said its not a deal breaker as long as the odometer reads correctly, my '11 E92 was very close on the speedometer so its not all BMWs. Same with my old 535, but honestly I never checked that one against a GPS, but I never remember getting dirty looks going 80mph in the left lane land (70mph speed limit) like this X1 lol. Maybe the Ms get closer calibrations, who knows.

But I did notice that when I set the cruise at 70mph the little extra cruise needle goes to 72mph and thats where the speedometer sits as well so thats 2mph in gauge error right there. I guess overall its a good thing since my wife drives too fast anyhow and its her DD, I havent told her its that far off
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