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Originally Posted by jbarry54 View Post
Hi Bimmerfest,

I have a 1995 525i e34, m50 engine. The engine lacks power and runs really rough until I hit about 3000 rpms and then it gets somewhat better, but still rough. Attempted the stomp test with zero results. Someone suggest that it's the idle control valve but this rough running is not at idle. Yesterday, while acceleration onto the highway, it just bogged down and would not go forward. I had to shut the car off, it restarted and I was able to get home. I did pull the MAF out and used MAF cleaner on it. That did not make it better. Any suggestions would help.
Check your plugs for oil in case you have a leak which could be fouling them up and subsequently the coils.
Check your air filter, such a simple thing with such a big job.
Good on you cleaning the MAF that would also have been in the list.

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