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Originally Posted by KrisL View Post
Picked up an INPA USB cable and made a windows xp virtual machine on my Macbook to play with NCS Expert.

I have now coded the following:

Windows up with key fob!
Fog lights with high beams possible!
"Double blink" euro style hazard lights!
Power windows operate for 1 minute after car is shut off and key removed
Double-click required on fob to open the trunk (My keyring sometimes presses the trunk open button while I'm at home... resulting in me discovering the trunk is open when I leave for work..).

There are lots of DIYs and links out there so I am not going to repeat it all. If anyone is in the SF Bay Area and wants some of these options I could be talked into it for a 6 pack .
I am incredibly interested in this but don't have the slightest idea of where to start. Can you explain the basics? For example: What is NCS Expert? Can you use this to make the car horn beep when locking your doors? Etc.

I just found this ( and I've read through it but still don't understand the basics if you wouldn't mind. I've done a ton of php, BASIC, and html coding before so I think this will be a breeze if I gather the basic info.

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