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Originally Posted by jeme View Post
Wow! I am dealing with Fields in Orlando, for about a week now and cannot get them anywhere close to those numbers - $500 to $1000 over invoice.

Quick question for ARD, my assumption is that would be $1000 over invoice less the discounts or are you saying $1000 over invoice including the discounts?
The longer you 'work' with them the worse you are...they know they have someone that is 'bound' to them, and they will just grind you down!

Someone that calls, says 'heres the number, are we close?'...and either they make the deal or that caller moves on, will have a higher likelihood of finding the deal. IMO

Back to the question.

Lets say:

MSRP =70k
Invoice = 64k

Incentives: ECO=3500
USAA, Drive whatever, grad whatever = 3500

Total incentives = 7000

Final "invoice" is 64k-7000 = 57,000

Add MACO, (300) add training (200??) add delivery (895?)..and add 500 profit

Your price before tax: 5700+300+200+985+500= 58,985

Do keep in mind that different online sources will add maco, training and delivery into the "invoice" and some will not.... make sure you understand the numbers

Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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