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Originally Posted by cmybimmer View Post
I can supply this! I have a 2' 3/8" extension... just a matter of me getting it back from my buddy lol.

BTW.. Since mainstream media isn't doing their job, I will... Palestine (Gaza) is under attack, majority of the casualties being young children! You would have to have the heart of a dog, or even less, to kill millions of innocent lives like that. Anyway, before I start raising many red flags up in heree, just thought i'd share to get the word out.. Sickens me to the stomach how not a damn word is being mentioned on the news about this.
I've been hearing it on the news. I've been learning more about it in class, though.

Of course I have pity for the children in Palestine being killed, but it is a fault of Hamas, NOT Israel. Hamas fighters shoot missiles from behind schools, and Israel sends it right back where it came from. If Hamas didn't want children to die, then they wouldn't make an elementary school a front line.

It's a terrible, terrible, thing to do, but it is effective. Now Palestine is able to point blame at Israel for sending missiles at schools. The whole thing really depresses me.

Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
What mainstream media are you referring to? NYT and BBC is reporting that fighting has been going on for days, and that 274 missiles have been fired from Gaza into Israel. At this point, I feel pretty indifferent about the whole thing. People need to figure out diplomatic solutions rather than continuing to attack each other for years on end. At what point does one realize that provocation and military exchanges with no real goal are not going to achieve anything? I blame all parties involved.
I have to agree with this. There's really no easy solution to it, though. Senseless fighting over "holy land". As long as they keep believing that they're fighting for their religion, they won't stop.