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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
Only thing wrong here is "DESTINATION/DELIVERY". It is included in EVERY invoice I have seen.
Whelp, when I have seen printouts from, or other confidential wholesale pricing pages, there is an "MSRP" amount and an "invoice" amount for every single line item. And none of those 'include' delivery. Yes, some of the online services will add it for you. Maybe they all do. But there are other sources for "invoice' price.

The base car has an invoice price, as does each option and package. At the end, you you add the other items- delivery, maco (if applicable) and training (if applicable).

So anyway, just know what IS and IS NOT in your version of 'invoice'.


PS note that when a dealer sells a car at MSRP they are paying all these items out of their profit...but when you cut a deal for "500 over" given that these changes need to be paid, it is therefore appropriate to add them to the invoice/cost.... just FYI to newbs
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