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Originally Posted by Marwan View Post
Yes but the dealer might call your bluff and say OK go get the car from that other dealership. If you really don't have another offer, you're then stuck. It's much better to actually have options B, C, etc. and be ready to walk if you don't like option A.

When I leased my first X5d, I showed the GM at the dealership a list of much better offers I got from other dealerships. He actually called one of the dealerships in front of me and put the call on speaker phone. I think he thought I was bluffing and wanted to "teach me a lesson" or something. The look on his face when the other dealership confirmed the much lower offer they had made me, loudly on speaker phone, was priceless!
You then walk out the door. NO dealership wants that to happen. Even if they DO let you out the door, they will still call you later to try and do a deal. Bottom line is if that dealer isn't willing to be competitive (right up front), you can ALWAYS find another dealer that is more 'reasonable'. Dealers on this site will work with you. In some ways, I wish I could have leveraged the dealers on here instead of going through my friends son. In the end it's all working out but the local dealer has actually been more problems than solutions (lost one of the keys, had to pay $140 to have them put All Seasons on the car, they scratched a rim when swapping tires, etc...)

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