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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
What mainstream media are you referring to? NYT and BBC is reporting that fighting has been going on for days, and that 274 missiles have been fired from Gaza into Israel. At this point, I feel pretty indifferent about the whole thing.
If its about counting missiles, Israel is off the charts.. How come they don't count how many missiles were fired from Israel over the past decade+? They light up Gaza constantly for so many years, and each time Gaza throws back a jab, Israel makes it rain on them acting as if defending themselves was not an option.

Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
People need to figure out diplomatic solutions rather than continuing to attack each other for years on end. At what point does one realize that provocation and military exchanges with no real goal are not going to achieve anything? I blame all parties involved.
Originally Posted by cj.surr View Post
Of course I have pity for the children in Palestine being killed, but it is a fault of Hamas, NOT Israel. Hamas fighters shoot missiles from behind schools, and Israel sends it right back where it came from. If Hamas didn't want children to die, then they wouldn't make an elementary school a front line.

It's a terrible, terrible, thing to do, but it is effective. Now Palestine is able to point blame at Israel for sending missiles at schools. The whole thing really depresses me.

I have to agree with this. There's really no easy solution to it, though. Senseless fighting over "holy land". As long as they keep believing that they're fighting for their religion, they won't stop.
Yeah, unfortunately the solution is not simply a matter of sharing the land.. Both, or should I say all three Abrahamic religions, are standing firm on claiming Palestine as their Holy Land, which are all perfectly correct.. But it's much more than that...

And regarding Israel simply firing back wherever the missiles came from, that's just their excuse to kill as many civilians as possible. If a terrorist hid in NYC and the US wanted to detain him/her, they would go out and search for him in a certain radius where he presumably is... they wouldn't drop missiles in Times Square and hope they terminated him.. This stuff does indeed depress me too. Such is life these days.

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