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Glovebox USB port

I just looked at the info tag that was in the port when I took delivery and this is what it says:

Please use this USB interface only for:
-Changing personal settings
-Importing and exporting music collections
-Importing navigation data/trips
Please check specific functionality and the detailed description in your vehicle's Owner's Manual
For connecting your external device (i.e. smart phone) to the vehicle, please use the USB audio interface in the center console

I have the iDrive - to find the glovebox USB port you need to be in the passenger seat or even outside of the car and look at the left corner of the glovebox behind the lip - you really have to bend over to see it. If you imagine that the wires are being threaded in a straight line to the console buttons you will have a good idea where the port is.

Update - for those with iDrive and a cradle. All of the playlists I had uploaded prior to installing the cradle disappeared once I used the cradle. When I put the phone in the cradle I choose the playlist from the phone. So far haven't found a way to change playlists without going back to the phone in the cradle - somewhat inconvenient while driving as the phone is actually somewhat behind you. I can move through the selected playlist from the steering wheel controls however. When I receive a call, the music automatically pauses when I push the phone button on the steering wheel and then starts up again when I disconnect the call. When an email or text comes in the music sound is dimmed and the alert is heard. I haven't set up the office feature as I'm not that concerned about reading emails or texts while driving. Not sure if I can configure the alerts to turn off when the phone is in the cradle - seems like a pain to manually adjust the settings each time; might change my mind if I start getting a lot of alerts though.


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