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Removing rear speaker cover, '87 325i

I specify the model and year as I've seen earlier 325s with a simple mounting flange, one with four corner screws exposed. Somehow the original buyers of those cars managed to put aside their extreme revulsion of such a crude mounting system and bought the cars. Thank God designers, in their wisdom, provided for a way cooler speaker cover that does not feature external screws. I must confess, however, that I'm at a loss for how to remove the damn things. My general method on such matters is to find one at a boneyard with a partially broken part in question so that I can experiment on it guilt free. If I break something through improper removal, oh well, with it out and in my hand I can determine what I should have done to remove it. It has proven difficult to find this particular cover still in place at any of the boneyards I've searched.

Cutting to the chase, anyone know the secret pressure points for this speaker cover?

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