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Originally Posted by joegr View Post
13.3 is a little low. I'll bet that if you keep watching it, you'll see it sometimes drop below 12 while driving. Maybe you have a marginal connection somewhere.
I turned everything on. Radio/heater/headlights/fog lights/dash panel lights all the way up. Driving down the road it went down to 12.3-12-5. Seems like my headlights are drawing a lot of power when turned on? Not 100% if that sort of drop is normal? When I turn them off it jumps up about .4-.5 ish. With everything off besides the radio it was rock solid but that might of been because It was early in the day and I had just got done trickle charging the battery the day before. So far it hasn't dropped below 12 but I'm keeping my eye on it. I called BMW and set up an appointment just in case I can't figure this out by the 26th. I'm going to drive it one more time tonight and see where it's at. If it drops below 12 this last time then it's def not getting a charge.

Thanks for all the help so far though guys! I appreciate it.
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