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My Trade Assist is sort of a long story - ill try to make it short. It wasn't that easy because my Service Advisor wasn't aware of the F30 steering wheel issue - I sent it in to have the tire balanced 3 weeks after having my car and got a loaner that had the issue worse than mine. When I immediately called the Service Advisor, he didn't know why the loaner was doing it as well and just acted like I was crazy. When I got my car back, it was still doing it and when I called the SA to inform him the car still had the issue, he said they test drove the car and it didn't do it why they had it. He made me out to be crazy. BIMMERFEST saved me - I found other people were complaining of the same issue and returning their cars. I ended up speaking to the Service Manager and they did a hard road balance and opened a "puma" report for BMW. I then found out that BMW has known about the complaint and was looking for a fix. I was furious that they knew of the "potential" problem on the F30 and didn't test my car for the issue prior to selling it to me. If they had, they would have discovered it and been able to warn me of IT - trust me, I would have kept my 09 328 convertible if I'd been told. I called BMWNA to put in a formal complaint and a few days later was called about it. It took three conversations with the BMWNA Rep to get a Trade Assist approved and was told I'd have to contact my dealer about it. I didn't trust ordering another 328, since a few people had gone through two of them with the same issue. So they approved a Trade Assist on a 2013 528 that I ordered with the same options I ordered on my 328, for almost the same cost. They did end up taking care of me but I was frustrated after it was said and done. Now I'm waiting for a ship to carry my 528 to the US. I appreciate that they made it right in the end but this really put a bad taste in my mouth in the beginning. I wish my Trade Assist was as easy as some others have mentioned. I'll be really happy when I get my new car in about 4 weeks.

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