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Originally Posted by 95 E34 View Post
As a pollution control system, many cars for a very long time have had recirc systems of valve cover air to separate oil vapors from it, to lessen the impact of those vapors entering the engine and being burnt and sent out the exhaust system.
Burnt oil is horribly bad for the environment.

When this recirc/separation system fails, it fails to remove the oil and oil vapors from crankcase atmosphere and subsequently from being burnt.
OP, nothing that you've suggested so far seems to fit you losing that much oil so quickly.

However, the padre's post is instructive. Please track that instead. Please check your valve cover's vacuum fitting. It should be connected to both your ccv/dipstick pipe, and your throttle body area, via two pipes. Not sure where it is on the m60 engine. If this is screwed, it does not scavenge out your engine's oil fumes well enough and it all goes out the tailpipe.

And double check everything that you are doing when you do it. Your eyes are your best tools here.


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