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Mein Auto: Some Bavarian car outside
If you want a simple car, get a domestic. When building/designing a car that's ahead of its time, there will be issues as you mention. Every other car maker is following in the same steps. Cars in general are just as difficult to maintain. German cars are usually one decade ahead in the technology department.
For example, check Lexus. All of a sudden they think the can build sporty cars yet maintain their reputation for reliability? No. When a car is deemed sporty, people drive them as such. Another company is Hyundai. They have a very strict maintenance program. Don't even think about the guarantee market value for the car if it wasn't serviced at a certified shop. Basically these automotive companies are in it for money, and if you allow the car to be serviced easily at some mom and pop shop up the street easily, bankruptcy would be inevitable.
I always maintain that most of the BMW problems are related to punishing the cars yet not wanting to come off any money for repairs, and I see this a lot.
BMW themselves have gone mad in the name calling of their cars lately, but honestly that's about it. The market calls for what they are putting out. They are not currently number one for nothing.
Just my two cents.
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