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Originally Posted by Costa View Post
I think I figured out my problem by accident today lol. I was playing around with my ICV and I noticed the little rubber boot going into the intake manifold wasn't seated properly. I took it out and properly put it back together and voila already better response and no hesitation. Hopefully this is the fix. Not too sure because I haven't experienced a cold start yet. That will be left for tomorrow morning.
There are a fair bit of issues that are either caused or could be avoided through better care and observation during work done or eyeball checks. I have certainly created my own share of unforced errors, the latest (probably) being a stripped radiator bleed socket threads. This is inevitable, as we are not trained mechanics and even then we are human. However, Bentley's ghost's dictum, found in the maintenance thread, serves us very well here : always take the time to double check your work.

Glad you found the issue Costa.

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