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Wink Vacuuming out fuel tanks

I agree with Downhiller that it is part of the solution is to finally[QUOTE]then shove a shop vac down and get the big stuff out[/QUOTE
But, then I have a funny story to tell

In the bloom of my youth I held a most stressfull job at Cobbs ski factory in Corona SoCal. I had to take these jet skis down to a dam near Elsinore for testing & final tuning.
Naturaly this "work" culminated in washing these jet ski's after thoroughly putting them through their paces. The hulls always had water in them, so instead of stooping so low as to sponge it up with a shop rag, I used my superior intelligence and made use of R2D2- the dry/wet shop vac
What I did not think about was that part of the hull liquid was gasoline & that the motor of R2D2 produced some sparks
I think i need not to go into detail about the top (that houses the motor) of this shop vac going into orbit with all attending cowering

So maybe make sure the tank is BONE DRY before you start sucking away
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