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Another tire wear question (sorry)

I realize this forum is full of repetitive tire wear quesitons but I wanted to ask about my specific situation.

I've got a 2007 328xi that I'm trying to get inspected. I know the front tires are getting old because I've driven 34,000 miles on them myself since owning the car and who knows how long they were on the car before that. I checked the wear bar on those and it looked to be below the tread indicating the tire should still pass. Dealer says that is only true on the outside/center of the tire and that it's worn more on the inside and they need to be replaced. OK, I might buy this ...
The rear tires were replaced just 15,000 miles ago with a new alignment done at that time. The dealer is saying that my tread is about half gone and will pass but they should be replaced because the wear is worse on the inside as well. After a little arguing he changed his tune to say that the wear is even but should be replaced when I do the front. After a little more arguing it's actually the center that is worn more. Needless to say I'm starting to feel like he's trying to take me for a ride.

My question is: Should the inside be wearing more quickly with my completely non agressive driving style on newly paved very smooth roads? I think that if the inside is wearing out as quickly as they say then they dialed too much camber into the alignment when they adjusted it. Furthermore my car drives straight and true with no hint of pull or funny wear.

I'm waiting to hear back from the manager but I'm more or less resigned to taking my car and going elsewhere for the inspection. I will not be paying for new rear tires just one year later. That is just insane.
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