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Originally Posted by 4EST View Post
... I've got some engine vibrations when running idle. Not sure if engine should vibrate like this or not
The vibration's frequency is quite high, hard to capture on video. Instead, you only see the engine cover moving slowly in the video. But in fact it vibrates very quickly

When removing the cover, the engine itself vibrates even quicker, so on video it looks still.

I wonder what the cause might be and where to start looking for it.
No M47 engines here in the USA, there are a few UK guys here. Have you posted on the UK site?

But, I don't think there's anything wrong with the engine itself. 4-pot engines are rougher running than i-6, and it looks and sounds pretty much normal.

Two things I can think of to check:
1) Engine mount may be broken; this would cause engine vibrations to be not damped. However problems with them usually are apparent while under load (on road).
2) I believe that the M47 has a mass damper (counterweight system) to smooth vibrations of the I-4. However, it's gear-driven and I think if it failed the engine might not run...
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