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Originally Posted by SlimKlim View Post
Congrats dude!

I thought I was only working until 11 or so because they are having an off-site event for people working on this program today. Except I got a ton of stuff dumped on me and now I'm spending the rest of the day working anyway.

If I don't get converted to salary with a pretty decent raise after the holidays I think I might actually explode.

Also, its funny how when they do those events for people "blow off steam" the hardest working people that need to blow off steam the most don't have time to take advantage of it.

So true. And it was a nice promotion But accompanied by a dinky raise. Didn't want to look ungrateful but it wasn't really what I would have hoped for. At least it's a good step.

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But you have to charge...


(+5 interwebz if you got that reference)

CJs milkshake brings all the boys to the yard......

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You're a derbanana