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My ramblings on the disappearing spare....

IMO, these engineering/design decisions are being driven my statistics and surveys... and therefore, if you - as an end user- are not in the core population, then the decisions made from these analyses will not serve you well.

For example:

BMWs are expensive. They are sold to affluent buyers.
Affluent buyers live in metropolitan areas
Affluent buyers tend to be white collar
Metro areas have dense tow/roadside programs
White collar workers tend not to know how to change tires. or they have no interest in getting dirty.
(Do metropolitan drivers have fewer punctures per mile driven than other areas?)

So in the end, BMW says "they want higher mileage so we reduce weight"...they "dont want to change their own tires"..."in our surveys of cars WITH spares, the mean time between spare use is X years"... and they decide "no spare".

Then the attorneys got involved...if BMW offers roadside assistance, what about tire repair? "Uh Oh, if we go on the record and allow tires to be patched, and one of our dealers repairs a tire that an owner ran flat for two weeks at 70mph, and the tire fails, we could get sued...lets make all tires un-repairable: From the UK:

Can I repair the punctured tyre? BMW recommends that a Run-flat Tyre is not repaired as additional forces and wear have been incurred within the tyre whilst being driven deflated.

Could I repair a non Run-flat Tyre? BMW also recommends that non Run-flat Tyres are also replaced and not repaired, as it is difficult to know exactly what damage has been caused to the tyre once deflated or when the damage was caused.
So there you go. From an owner who can, whilst on an off-highway road 300 miles from a city, change their own tire in 10 minutes someone waiting 7 hours for a tow truck, to be dropped off in the dark at a hotel and wait two days for the local dealer to get the tire in stock....

almost diabolical, IMO

PS not to hijack a sponsor, but getbmwparts also sells a complete kit with jack for less. AND/OR, consider a jack off ebay for $25...

PPS When people ask "why is it so much more from aftermarket?" I wonder if BMW makes a calculus that they will spend less in roadside service for a car that adds the spare- hence the $300 cost is offset down to $150?
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