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Originally Posted by trekwars2000 View Post
I thought the BMW drive discount was only for current or recent BMWFS members? We financed our first BMW through USAA and then paid cash for the 2nd.

I see mixed reviews on if the 5K USAA is stackable with the HC/LC but it seems clear that the 1K (financed through BMWFS) USAA is stackabvle with HC/LC.

We are starting to look at the ActiveHybrid5 as well as an alternate if the USAA 5K isn't stackable with the HC/LC. It looks like the AH5 has an EcoCredit of 4.5K (through the end of this month) and HC of 2k. An AH5 optioned out like I want comes out to ~75K MSRP though. We would likely ED the AH5. The invoice for the ED AH5 is 65K (70.7K ED MSRP). Decisions, decisions.

Other than size, does anyone what options/features would I be missing on a loaded AH5 vs 740?
Non FS funded contracts can use the non FS funded USAA credit - NO HC/LC/BMW APP

FS funded contracts can use the FS funded USAA credit - dollar amount is less - YES HC/LC/BMW APP

I think the confusion is most people do not know there are actually 2 different USAA credits - one intented for FS contracts and one for non FS contracts
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