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Engine smoking issue

Hello, I'm new to this appears that there are many members that know quite a bit about the cars we drive.

I own a 2006 750iL with 118,000. I took the car to get it smog checked and the car was runing great, no smoke or any other issues. When the smog technitian put the car on the dyno and reved up the engine to run the smog test and once he stoped the reving of the engine, I noticed a cloud of smoke that came out of the tail pipe.

Since then, I have noticed that the car will release a cloud of somoke every once in a while. It doesn't do it constantly, it happens every once in a while. Since this began happening, I have noticed that the car oil level drops and I have to add a quart of oil at least every 3 weeks.

I took the car to the dealer and they told me that the problem has to do with the "Engine Valves Guides". They said that these cars, once the mileage reaches 100K, that the engine heads need to be repaired.

My question is, has anyone out there experienced this type of problem with smoking and engine oil loss? Any idea what needs to be done? Is the dealer telling me the truth?

Please advise.

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