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Originally Posted by Lance Alot View Post
You need to read your manual and learn to use use idrive. When you are on the Nav screen, use the Idrive control knob to scroll up to the voice command icon. I believe it is the top one or 2nd one from the top (has a person talking on it). Once it is highlighted, push in the idrive selector and a check mark will show up. Voice command is now active.

Read your manual if you want to learn how to do the other volume settings in Idrive, but it is all there. Hope that helps.

Sorry, I thought I made it clear in the original post that I had read the manual AND searched the forum trying various volume knob/unmute solutions already. In fact, I've read the manual cover to cover and cannot solve this problem.

Can you explain, what is the correlation between voice command prompts not audibly working as well as navigation directions not being spoken?
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