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Originally Posted by ChrisF02 View Post
Enjoy your car, its only for the distinct taste. Your car is brie to their cheddar
Nicely put.

@everyone else:
I guess I was just thrown off by the comment and felt I needed to share and get some acknowledgement that I am not crazy in loving my GT for what it is. I now have over 10K miles on it approaching the 1 year mark. Each and every one of those miles were driven in pure thrill and exhiliration. Every time I press that start button feels like the first time back in Munich. I am always in awe at the sheer driving experience I get when I press on that pedal.

I find it funny that whenever I put the GT in Sport+ mode my wife looks outside the window to see who I am about to pass. I find it pleasing that my kids enjoy the luxurious back seat which my son calls his spaceship (panoramic sunroof + dark night sky = space travel in luxury).

The GT is truly unique and I must also confess (like others here) that is a huge part of the allure it had when I first laid eyes on it. The value proposition just follows suit (features you get + ED delivery). All the practicality the GT affords me defines my proclivity for this particular BMW model. Maybe I should look at it this way: The GT is ahead of its time. People who hate it and call it ugly are close minded and approach vehicle ownership a certain way, while we GT owners are visionaries and are the "true drivers."

2012 535i GT ED 1/9/2012

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