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BMW left very little, if any, HP "on the table". The person who said exhaust noise obviously meant engine noise, in general. BMW went to great trouble to make a luxury car, quiet, smooth riding, etc. and the first thing many do is try to add CAI which is a total waste of money and greatly increases chances of water-locking your motor. They delete mufflers and cats, etc. It is their perogative and while not my thing, it just seems ironic to buy a colonial house and try to make it into a ranch style! Why not start with a Rice box if that is sound and ride one is after? However, I can appreciate taking the luxury and making it better to one's taste and retaining much of the great BMW engineering. I'm getting tolerant in old age. Just have thing about those who go too far and steal (for lack of a better word) the peace their fellow drivers around them have a right to enjoy. Nothing is more rude to me that having to listen to someone else's choice of music as they obviously go to great trouble to make it permeate the space of 6 cars in any direction. I draw the line there, but that's just me- I know YMMV and my thought are simply my own. Way I was raised I guess.

Like the other day someone posted that a big dog had the audacity to get in front of their car and they hit it. First thing they did was not even check to see if dog was in pain, dead, or dying. Their only interest was in damage to their bumper which would be there in 10 seconds or 10 days. The dog may have needed help. I stated how disgusting that attitude was TO ME and I was PM'd by driver stating his rebuttle was "everyone has to go sometime???" Excellent thought process.

Back on will find mods under a few hundred bucks pretty much will yield little or no improvement in HP, torque, etc. I bought a Power Chip (did not pay $1000 bux or whatever they advertised) but paid I think $400. Got rid of Dinan software and went with Power Chips. Why? Because P/C offered a solution to my low air flow from new SAP and valve likely caused by carbon build-up. I bought P/C software just to get European software for SAP system. Got absolutely no driveability improvement except higher RPM limit, speed limit removed, car remains in DSP mode "off" if that is what you chose on last drive, etc. If I was after HP, I would have been highly disappointed. After spending $600+ on all new SAP parts, and getting air flow error, P/C software took care of error allowing a "pass" on Indiana emmission test. Sorry to ramble..
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