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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
1) those are customer SURVEYS, not road tests.
2) you can't compare surveys between tires in different CATEGORIES, since the surveys are compiled within a category.
3) the surveys are compiled across many TYPES OF CAR
4) if you want to compare tire performance, you have to look at Tirerack's TESTs

In short, you're trying to compare apples to oranges to bananas with those surveys.
1) These are 6,000,000+ mile road tests - not 60 miles. If they didn't matter, then any individual firsthand experiences of any individual board don't matter either, let's just say like yours.
2) Yes, I can compare Max performance Summer tires to Ultra high performance all-season tires, because people like me have experience driving both.
3) True and unless your recommendations are based upon millions of miles of F30 experience, you comments are based upon other cars too.
4) I have looked at Tireracks tests and typically, they take a poor performing all-season and compare it to a high performing snow tire almost as if they are saying "see you need to buy snow tires from us."

Theses surveys are from a combined 13,000,000 mile experience from users like me or you. To claim our opinions are somehow more important is just plain foolish.

BTW, my current inventory of tires for my BMWs are:

1) Michelin Pilot SuperSport
2) Bridgestone Potenza RE050A
1) Continental ExtremeContact DWS
2) Goodyear Eagle LS
1) Michelin Pilot PA3
2) Dunlop WinterSport 3D

So, I do have firsthand experience in how different tires perform in back-to-back comparisons.

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