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Originally Posted by Oceans10 View Post
You could, but it requires pumping fluid back in and resetting some menus as described.
You need a lift to do this work and good tools. Might also need some new magnesium bolts, there are 21 of them i think.

I had it done recently by an indy. I brought the new pan (from ECS Tuning, $115, ZF stamped) and 7 quarts of transmission fluid. The car holds 9 quarts, but 3 of them are in the torque converter. I just added 6, which should be fine to mix with the remaining. It is rated lifetime, so adding 2/3rds fresh should be more than sufficient.

Now, key point: The main reason I did this on my 2008 E61 was to also replace the mechatronic valve sleeve. It's a $16 piece of tubing that separates electronics from the tranny fluid. Over time the original sleeve gets brittle and the seal leaks. This will cause the tranny to go into Park and throw a failure code. Happened on my sedan of same vintage.
The new updated sealing sleeve has a better, more durable design. So replace this and you will likely never have this problem, which is well documented and covered in BMW service bulletins and NHSB literature.
You don't need a lift or any special tools. Just a socket set, allen wrench and torx bit.

I'm sure it's a lot easier on a lift, but I have done it on the ground with just jack stands

The seal is a royal paint to get out, at least on the 6hp26's. On mine it looks like I needed to remove a mount on the back of the transmission, but I didn't have any female torx sockets so I didn't end up changing it
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