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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
There isn't room to put chains or cable chains on sport-pack tires/wheels, unless you want to beat up your fenders. Usually there isn't room on the inside to clear the struts anyway. Since you'd have to down-size the tire/wheel combo to put chains on, you might as well go to snow tires. Note that the AWD 'xi cars, since they have a taller stance, can actually take chains.
Modern chains take up very little space and have options such as mounting from the outside only, so no strut issues possible. If you need to downsize, then all-season tires will still give you superior performance the 75-90 days it doesn't snow. Another option are snow socks which are compatible with all staggered all-season set-ups.

Originally Posted by Canada1867 View Post
Although I've seen snow bury my front door; I've never needed chains. Snowplows always do their job before I drive. But I do know some first responders that sometimes have to venture out in the middle of the night and have used them on occasion. I can't image living in NJ that you'd ever really need them though. As a matter of fact, if you really really think you need winter tires, go for the ice tires; which are very different than snow tire. In my opinion, the OEM Continental All-Season should cover 99.9% of your needs. Assuming you drive with ordinary caution and wait for the snow plows after 2 feet of snow falls.
Unfortunately for me, the road doesn't get plowed until I get home and plow it myself. The county says it is too dangerous to plow themselves. Chains have helped my RWD cars climb steep slopes when snow tires couldn't cut it. My 550xi with snows makes it up my house, but in certain conditions my 335d with snow tires is best left parked on the main road (subject to getting hit by out of control drivers) since sliding down into a ravine is quite possible on my road. This is also why I say Hill Descent Control on AWD cars is a miracle, since sliding uncontrollably down a hill hoping not to get planted into a tree is no-one's idea of fun.

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