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Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post

Hey...any follow up on this? Are there instructions in the e70 owners manual on how to manually put the vehicle into neutral when there's no electrical power? If there are instructions...what are they?

Help us all learn together...that's how the forum learns & grows...and becomes an awesome resource that is fertile with knowledge. We've gotta give back to the forum as well as glean from it...leaving issues unresolved leads to a lot of "dead-end" searches for future owners looking for information.

I ended up in this dead end. Thought I would close it out with a solution.

There are two issues to resolve to get an E70 or similar automated BMW rolling: The parking brake and the automatic transmission lock must both be released.

- Neutral remains engaged if you depress the brake, switch to neutral, then shut off the engine while leaving the key in (or in range). Note: the transmission will automatically engage park after 30 minutes.
- If the vehicle has power and is in park, turn it on, depress the brake, switch to neutral, turn it off.
- In the event of a power failure, the transmission lock must be manually released:
--Manual release of the transmission requires use of the releasing tool contained in the tool kit.
--Open the cup holders, take out the center bar, use the tool to remove the bottom of the cup holders.
--Insert the tool into the hole in the driver's cupholder and turn the bolt at the bottom 160 clockwise then press down.

It's that simple

Automatic Parking Break
- Turn off the automatic parking brake by pressing down on the brake pedal then pushing down on them parking brake switch in the center console.
- If the automatic parking brake fails, it must be disabled manually.
- Using the release tool from the tool kit, there are release points located on each side in the panels in the cargo area.
- You have to pull up harder than you would want to - a few inches - until you hear it go.

I found the answer on pages 58-62 of the manual that I grabbed here:

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