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^ I'm not impressed with the BMW oil monitoring system. I think they have it stretched out for the "free maintenance" they now include all these new cars. It's a freakin joke. All they care is the car makes it out of the lease or warranty. 5-10k interavals are not bad. 10K is the most I ever go on any car. 5k is min. like I said.. 7,500 or round up to 8k is about ideal for cost/time/environment/service life of oil. Like I said, Honda makes awsome engines and they let you go about 8k on Dino 5w-20. I think the thing people forget is that just b/c the oil is syn and can theoretically last 15k, doesn't mean your engine is that clean and blow by may only allow you to go 7 or 8k still. Otherwise you have thinned out gas diluted oil. I'm doing 8k intervals on my car. Same on my wife's C300. Damn MB computer does about 13k inbetween changes. BS. But yet the year after ours, same everything... the transmission and engine oil intervals were backed down to 10k and 39k on the trans From 13k & 78k or something stupid. So they found something out in the first year of that C300 that they're not willing to go back and admit. The dealer still says our year C300 calls for 13k oil and 78 on trans. I do the following years intervals and then back the oil even further down to 8k. I guess the reality is "the average person" that buys these cars only keeps them for a few years, beats the crap out of them and does minimum. But I think we are the true car owners who want to keep our cars in mint condition and running for 200K+. I always laugh everytime I'm at the Chikfila near my house which has a car wash & oil change place across the street... place has cars lined up out into the street so they can have an idiot change thier oil in 5 minutes and run it through a crappy brush car wash. And yet I see Porches, bmw's everything there... you know damn well they don't have the right oil or filters. I took my 4cyl Pontiac G6 Company car there ONCE when I had to make a long road trip in a hurry and couldn't do the service myself. I got home and they had left the air filter box unclipped and not properly closed. Yeah, I'm sure they're doing great work on that late model Porche and BMW.
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