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Posted in the wrong forum, so here goes

Where do I start?!

The top would be coming up, then the windows would come up and as they do, the windows would get to a certain point, then they would roll down again. There is a service bulletin about this stating that a relay needs to be changed. I am going to leave this one alone as it is not really interfering with the car's operation.

Next this wind tunnel whistling sound was coming from the back of the car. Took it into the shop and they told me that the turbo was gone and if I were to replace it, I should replace both turbos since the other one may be going bad as well and most of the $3,000 cost was in the labor of removing then inserting the motor again. I asked if I can use the car till I think about it and they said that I can drive the car with no problems what so ever; except that it would not have the same power as it once did and I was fine with that.

I took the car to get a second opinion and when the tech was depressing the throttle, we heard an explosion and oil started gushing out of the car. He told me that the turbo blew out and that it needs to no only be changed, but that the oil now needs to be cleaned from the system as well.

We went ahead with the repairs and now the sound is gone, but the car just started leaking little drops of oil.

Lastly, I had lost my navigation DVD so I copied a friend's and was using it till I started sometimes getting the error please insert navigation DVD. I borrowed another one and made a copy, but got the same error. I even used my friend's original 2007.2 navigation DVD and that did not work either. So now I am thinking that the DVD went dead, but don't know how to check if that's the case.

The car just came off of warranty less that 5 months ago. Makes me wonder what's to come next
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