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I am REALLY confused now. I have read through the forums and I am unclear on how to proceed or if this is even worth it.

Ideally travel to Germany at the end of February-early March for my wife's birthday to pick up this car for her. I am looking to lease the following:

1. X1 or X3 - whichever is more cost effective based on incentives, etc. I am guessing the X1 no matter what will be less costly.
2. Looking at the sDrive28i with Ultimate Package for X1 or the X3 with at least the Technology Package and Garage Door.
3. We drive VERY little compared to most people. In fact, she will probably put less than 6000 miles/year. Now this gets into lease vs buy and residual value? We do NOT plan on keeping the car after the lease. If we were to buy, we would almost certainly sell after about three years.
4. How does the Holiday Credit play into all this? Does it cut the ED price further?
5. I saw a price sheet before at a local dealer and it seemed to show a flat fee off the US MSRP. It sounded like it was non-negotiable, but reading the forums seems to contradict this.

I do not live near any of the suggested dealers but I could possibly be at one at the end of December to sign paperwork.

Any help would be appreciated! If this works out, then I will probably do the same thing when I sell my car in a year.

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