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Leaking A/C compressor: replace with one from different model?

I have a 2009 X5 with the N62 motor.

A week ago there was a squeaking sound coming from the motor. I suspected an aging drive belt, so I replaced both the drive and the compressor belts. Well it didn't solve my issue. So I took it into an indy (because they have a lift). They showed me that the compressor is leaking hydraulic fluid; they adjusted the belt which didn't do anything, so they used a shorter belt than spec to try to alleviate the issue. This helped a bit, but there is still the squeal. They didn't charge me a cent for any of this.

Anyways, I decided I'm going to get a new compressor. The issue is I am going to trade-in this X5 next February, so I didn't want to blow $1200 on a new compressor. I looked around and found a refurbished unit from a reputable shop. I couldn't find one under the X5 section, but it is available for a 2008 750i which I know has the same motor. This should fit in the X5 right? The refurbished unit is $350.

2015 X5 xDrive50i
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