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Pretty funny.

I deal with statistics a lot. A lot. And one of those funny truths is that to the INDIVIDUAL, the stats dont matter. A doctor comes into the room, with MRI and blood tests in hand. He explains you have cancer. But not jsut any cancer, bu a super rare, one- only seen in one out of a million. Do you take solace in this? no, all it does is make you feel like the most unlucky person in the world.

But back to cars- for Joe, the 2009 is a 100% dog. For apw, the 2009 is a 100% champ.

Having said this, Joe- if there is a 2009 that has been running perfectly, with only BMW maintenance, should this be avoided in the used market? In other words, haven't most of the 2009, 2010 diesel issues been worked out? And if they havent been worked out, wouldn't the 'bad ones' with ongoing service records be identifiable?

Just thinking....
OE is Original Equipment: aka 'BMW Original Parts"; aka "What you buy at the BMW dealer with a BMW label on it"

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer... EITHER 'the company that made the OE part" or.... 'A part this is identical to the OE part, but is sold by the OEM under their own label,"


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