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Originally Posted by vavet5308 View Post
AsymMetric - No. There's not really much of an adjustment to the tensioner. It's automatic. Even if the pulley bearings seized, the engine would still run for a little while. The belt would just slide over the pulley until it broke or shredded.
Are you referring to the little tooth that's on the idler pulley mount that is supposed to fit into the mounting point so that the pulley is aligned correctly? If so, you need to remove the belt, loosen the bolt, line up the tooth with the space where it's supposed to fit, and then tighten and reinstall it.

I just finished my installation. I remove the airbox and moved the PS reservoir out of the way. I also removed the fan from the water pump pulley, but left it in the shroud. I did not remove the shroud. This gave me enough room to work and it was actually pretty easy. The idle is is much quieter now.
Glad to know your install went well. I had to postpone mine after busy all day. Good to know I won't have to remove the shroud for this. There seem to be other opinions that there isn't much space to replace the tensioners with it in place. I dont want to do more than I need for this project. Next spring I will replace the waterpump, thermostat, expansion tank, radiator and hoses.
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