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What you say certainly sounds sensible.

Fan clutches have come off the water pump shaft and dented the hood before. The reasons offered then were all related to a bad fan clutch. The post I've referred to above contains the following blurb on the first page :

Originally Posted by doru View Post
Actually the BMW techs consensus about exploding radiator fans is because of failed engine mounts. When the clutch fails, it only accelerates the matter. And because the v8 has more torque, the engine mounts fail earlier. There were also quite a few posts with people experiencing the 2nd failed fan and not knowing why. Once the mounts were changed, the fans lasted.
To my recollection, the hows and whys of how this happens has never been discussed in detail, as such, the op's version of events has never been disputed. Doru's assertion here is thus new over here.

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