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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
Getting slightly off topic here, but the Grand Cherokee is great value and there's usually incentives (albeit not at initial release of the diesel) and wiggle room on the price. I drove an Overland V8 version in Sept and for $46k sticker, you're getting Active Cruise, High Beam assistant, sat nav, and tons of other nice toys that would cost thousands extra in a comparable ML or X5. Of course, it does depend on everyone's needs, but personally I drive a lot of hwy miles in rural areas and frequently wish I had ACC and High Beam Assistant on my X3 (actually, I wish I had more power too).

Not sure which diesel the Cruze will use, but there's been diesel Cruze powertrains in Europe since inception, so it may not necessarily be a "first year" drivetrain here in the US. I know it's likely my favourite compact car in the US; the Focus has a hatch model but the interior is awful and the manual gearbox only has 5 speeds. The Cruze 6MT is one of the easiest to drive, ever, and the interior is pretty logical (to me).
Sorry Azn, but you couldnt pay me to buy another JGC. Especially a first year run, no matter what power plant they use. I owned a JGC 2005 for all of about 9 months before dumping it at a loss (then jumped out of the pan into the fire with the AT 07 X3, Lol).

I am sure that after that POS (05 JGC) they have taken some major strides to make changes, but no more first year runs for me. It had no power at all and guzzled gas 12mpg average. So no benefits whatsoever. Shoot even the fabric stained from a simple summer shower. My old 2000 JC was a tank.

Also the video....that is about how my 05 GJC handled. I almost rolled it one night while following my brother at posted speeds around a turn (35 mph). Traded it in 10 days later.
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