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Originally Posted by BMWFatherFigure View Post
I think I will stick to the battery terminal off method.
Erm.....why ?

Its so inconvenient to lift up the long rear seat, put it somewhere out of the way, remove the terminal, put the DMM's leads on the terminal and battery securely, contort your body while doing this, wind down the window, run to the front, remove a fuse, run back and see if anything has changed, run to the front, replace the fuse, remove the next fuse, etc....and then fix the terminal back, and fix the seat back.....compared to simply bringing the DMM's leads to each fuse one after another, all in a row ? A 20 minute job turns into 5 minutes ?

Perhaps you're so used to this method that you don't notice the effort involved. I can certainly understand's subjective perception of time varies according to one's competence and fluidity with any physical task.

Let me see if I can change your mind.

Sir, please do the same experiment that I did above with the trunk's fuse with the engine switched on and off with the trunk up, and then with the trunk down (engine on and off). In fact, please try it with the engine switched off, just the trunk up, then a read, then the trunk down, then another read. Of course, your trunk's light must be working.

Just try it once, with an open mind, and lets see if you don't get hooked right away. :-))


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