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Originally Posted by bmwblack82 View Post
Bosch fuel pump. $115-165 depending on which one you want
Sensors couldn't find crank one

I'm on iPad away from laptop so hard to search

I usually try to find part numbers then search all sites ie amazon, rock auto, and frugal mechanic. Also is an excellent site!
A Bosch pump at $115 ? Makes me want to change mine all over again :,ca...,parttype,6256

They have mislabelled their Bosch pumps. The $115 one is use for plastic fuel tanks, and not (or not just) for metal ones.

Please purchase the fuel pump with the surrounding plastic bracket around it. Makes your life easier, and in this case, cheaper by $10.

That being said, your car and just buy what is stated there.

If both pumps are listed and you need to determine what your tank is made of, well please crawl under your rear bumber and knock on the underside of the fuel tank with something.

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