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Originally Posted by maks898 View Post
But, the current body X1 was just released for the US market this year, so why change it so soon? Also, the standard features on the 328i are not much greater than the ones present in the X1. Power/memory seats is not a massive feature. Besides, you can literally add the Navi, rear camera and power/memory seats to the X1 and still be under the price for a standard 328i. Therefore, it still doesn't really make sense why the X1 has a price that is considerably lower than the 328i. If the specs are exactly the same, and the additional standard features are obviously not worth nearly 7 grand, where does those additional thousands in savings come from? The interior on the X1 looks just as sophisticated, expensive, and refined as on the 328i. The design might be different, but I, for one, think the X1 interior is better looking that the one on the 328i. So, it begs the question...what did BMW cut from the X1 to make it fit a price point that is nearly $7000 lower than the 328i? Maybe inferior braking or suspension components, etc?
I believe the 328i can have weather control in the back (i.e. heating/cooling vents) and heated seating, as a feature that the X1 does not have, which is a substantial difference, IMO.
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