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The only problem is when I put the car in reverse and then get out to listen the car automatically puts itself back into park I will have to get someone to sit in my drivers sit whilst I listen tomorrow.

Just another quick question. Even if the PDC failure comes up will I still hear the sensors clicking.

The full story is it only started happening one day when it was raining really heaving, I noticed one of my front sensors kept on bleeping even though nothing was in front of the car and then the PDC failure came on. But if I've been running the car for long the fault will clear and it will start working again until I switch the car off and then on again. It's clearly annoying me because the car is difficult to park (I think) without these sensors when you're so use to them.

Would I have to drop my bumper to fit these sensors (I'm soooo not a mechanic)

Thanks to all which has replied
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