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Originally Posted by SweetX3 View Post
I have been the happiest little X3 owner ever - my very first brand new car ever and worth waiting a lifetime for! - and all was dreamy until a big old Suburban plowed into me. No one was hurt in this incident, which is the most important, but that said, I had a mere 955 miles on my sweet little X3 and am completely gutted by the damage she sustained.

I had been at a stop behind a big sister X5 so was smushed. The X5 had a small crack in the back; the Suburban behind me had a wrecked front end, parts and fluids all over the place, and had to be towed. My sweetie's hood is warped, the front license plate gone and bumper all mashed, and the back is a proper mess. Since she turned on (brave X3!), I took a chance and drove the 5 miles back to my garage because I was just before the Triborough Bridge into Manhattan at 6:30PM on Friday night and figured I'd still be waiting for a tow and messing up traffic.

Even though we were thrown pretty hard forward, the air bags never went off. I got an error message that my safety restraint system had malfunctioned; a system check showed that to be the case for both the driver and passenger restraint, but nothing else. Shouldn't the air bags have gone off?

Is it unrealistic to want a new X3? When someone would borrow my last car (a 1993 740i I inherited in 1997), I always knew everything that was suddenly wrong afterwards. This car is too new to me for me know what's different or wrong and I just don't want a repaired car, I want the perfect, pristine one I had owned for a mere month. I was thinking I would take it back to my BMW dealer as they have a body shop and have the adjuster go there: is this a good idea? I have great insurance but it's going to be the Suburban's insurance at issue - I don't know if it hurts or helps that it was a commercial T&LC vehicle.

Advice, suggestions, guidance would be much appreciated! I thank this forum for all the wisdom I gathered up when making the purchase (including rate shopping the extended warranty - Dan Dutton really does have the best pricing!).
Wow, what a shame. But you are right, the most important thing is that there were no serious injuries.

I had a similar accident w/ my old x3, where the truck was rear-ended. I had the repairs done by the local BMW auto body shop. I thought they did a fantastic job w/ the repair. They repaired the truck w/ authentic BMW parts and returned it to me no different than the day that I took it off the lot. I had it for an additional 2 years and had no issues w/ it related to the accident.

I am not sure they are going to give you a new vehicle unless the insurance company feels that they x3 is 'totaled', and this would be unlikely considering how new the truck is and how much residual value that it has, but this is obviously based on how much damage your x3 sustained.

Good luck. Keep the forum updated w/ how things progress.
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