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Originally Posted by eddie33081 View Post
I've had a 2012 x5D for 5000 miles and here are the problems I've run into so far.

1. Can't stop the car from having a jerky feel when going up a hill. I have tried D and DS. Seems like it is going into 2nd gear right away and then all of sudden shifts down to 1st but does so with a big jerk.

2. When accelerating from a dead stop it seems to have a delay before it jumps off the line. I feel this especially when having to make quick lefts at a signal. I almost have to accelerate early to get it there.

3. My x5 is currently in the shop for the 3rd time in regards to a sensor going out. First it would not start and would crank for 20 seconds before doing so. Then a sensor for the fuel injectors went out and the car would not run. It is currently in for the 1st problem again.

Ive heard I can reset the tranny to help for the first problem. I am mainly a DS driver so I may need to drive it in D so it learns my driving. Not sure.

If anyone has any thoughts on problem 1 or 2 it would be appreciated.

None of that sounds "normal" AT ALL. You did not put information about speed for 1 so we don't have a way to test for that same affect. I DO notice that the RPMs go significantly higher when the engine is cold but never noticed any THUMPs upon gear change you describe in #1.

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